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"Parasyris" pharmacies were founded in 1978 in Heraklion, with the aim of meeting the health and beauty needs of each individual. In 2008 we established the second pharmacy in Heraklion, with our company taking another big step with the opening of the third pharmacy in 2017 in the center of Heraklion.

During these years, together with our pharmacists and executives, through a proven relationship of trust, we continue in a modern environment, to provide with scientific knowledge and experience personalized and affordable pharmaceutical services care and beauty.

Together with our partners we seek continuous information of customers, about the latest and most advanced products for the whole family. With special offers, promo packages, but also many surprises, we are sure that we will cover their every need. The products in our pharmacies are placed in a useful way, accompanied by all the information that you will find useful.

At Parasyris Pharmacies we strive for the best service to our customers

Visit our pharmacy on Kalokairinou Avenue, Heraklion, Crete.

We provide all medicines for the family

Visit our pharmacy in Eleftherias Square, Heraklion, Crete.


Our goal is to serve the timeless values established by the "Parasyris" pharmacies, the responsibility, the scientific training of our associates, the completeness and the immediacy in the service. Our vision, our pharmacies to be a point of reference for the whole family, our passion to strive every day for the best.


At the center of our interest is the customer, all of you. With respect and understanding, we seek to provide high quality services for each and every one of you. With the continuous training and information of our staff, with innovative scientific proposals, we undertake the initiatives that you request from us.